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Lashkar-e-Taiba refuted


As salaamu ‘alaykum,

Plz. click the below link for a detailed refutation of this deviant cult and it’s founder Hafiz Muhammad Sa’eed. Note that it is based on a book which was introduced by Muftee Ahmad an-Najmee (may Allaah have mercy upon him).

Also check the below link for the CD code C0135 entitled “Lashqar Tayyibah” for an Arabic-English audio refutation by Allaamah Ubayd al-Jaabiree (may Allaah protect him).

May Allaah protect the Muslims all over the world from the fitnah of this misguided sect & it’s supporters. May Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, His Family & Companions.

BaarakAllaahu feekum wa salaamu ‘alaykum.


Clear Expositions of the Differences Between Salafiyyah & the Political, Partisan & Innovated Propaganda

As salaamu ‘alaykum,

Sheikh Muhammad ibn Ramzan will be conducting a weekly minhaj class starting Monday at 2:15 pm Eastern Time inshaAllah.

Teleconference no: +1-712-432-3030

passcode: 206066

In shaa Allaah, this link-up will take place every monday until the shaykh completes his comments upon his treatise

الكواشف الجلية للفروق بين السلفية والدعوات السياسية الحزبية البدعية

al-Kawaashif al-Jilliyyaah lil-Furooq baynas-Salafiyyah wad-Da’awaat as-Siyaasiyyah wal-Hizbiyyah wal-Bid’iyyah

(Clear Expositions of the Differences Between Salafiyyah and the Political, Sectarian, and Heretical Propaganda)

The Arabic book can be downloaded from below links

For further updates please refer

If the brothers can’t take out time because of their jobs, atleast the sisters who are at home should try to attend and benefit inshaa’Allaah. BaarakAllaahu feekum.

Scholarly advices to the Tunisian brothers & sisters

As salaamu ‘alaykum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh,

Below is an important advice of Ash-Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Ramzan Al Haajiri (may Allaah preserve him) to the Muslims in Tunisia.

To read a summarized translation of the advice of Ash-Shaykh Dr. Muhammad Ibn Haadee Al-Madkhalee (may Allaah preserve him) to the Tunisian and other Muslims please click here.

May Allaah have mercy upon the Muslims in Tunisia and all over the world. Aameen.

Shaykh ‘Ubayd al-Jaabiree Advises the Muslims of Iraq and Palestine

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Shaykh ‘Ubayd al-Jaabiree Advises the Muslims of Iraq and Palestine – The noble Scholar of al-Madeenah is asked if the fighting in Iraq and Palestine is considered Jihaad.  In his usual manner, the Shaykh begins by reminding the listener of the pertinent ahaadeeth regarding the current situation of the Muslims.  Then he goes onto advise the Muslims of Iraq and Palestine to obey the leaders whom Allaah has placed in authority over them and to not split up the unity of the Muslims, thus increasing the chaos and tumult.

Note: This question and answer with Shaykh ‘Ubayd al-Jaabiree was taken from the last tape of his series entitled, Sharh Kitaabul-Eemaan min Saheehil-Bukhaaree.  He conducted this series of lessons during the eighth Imaam Daarul-Hijrah seminar in 1429H, in the city of al-Madeenatun-Nabawiyyah.


Shaykh Fawzaan advises regarding Palestine..

AsSalam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu

Shaykh Saalih ibn Fowzaan advises regarding Palestine…

Earlier this evening (Sunday 14 April, 2002) Shaykh Saalih ibn Fowzaan, via his open question-answer session on PalTalk, was asked about the position of a Muslim concerning what is happening now to our brothers (and sisters) in Palestine, with respect to supplication, giving wealth or making jihaad with them.

So he replied: “It is obligatory upon the Muslims to make supplication for their Muslim brothers and to assist them with wealth. To assist them with wealth and supplication, this is what is obligatory, and this is what will benefit them.”

Then the Shaykh was asked, “May Allaah be benevolent to you. And this questioner says, “What is the ruling pertaining to demonstrations, and are they considered to be from jihaad in the path of Allaah?

So he replied: “There is no benefit in demonstrations. Rather they are confusion. They are from confusion, disorder. And what harm will be done to the enemy if the people demonstrate a street amongst the streets and raise their tongues?! Rather, this is from the matters on account of which the enemy actually rejoices, and so he says that he has harmed them and cause damage to them, so the enemy rejoices with this.

Islaam is a religion of sanctity, and religion of tranquility, a religion based upon knowledge, it is not a religion of confusion and noise. It is a religion that aims to bring about tranquility and sanctity, alongside the working of beneficial and praisworthy deeds, such as aiding the Muslims and supplicating for them, and providing them with wealth and weapons. This is praiseworthy, and also arguing for their case with the nations, so that the oppression can be raised from them. And that the nations are asked, those who claim democracy for themselves, they should be asked to give those Muslims their right, and the right of a human is what they themselves boast about! However, in their view the human is the disbeliever, and as for the Muslim in their view, he is not a human but a terrorist. They call the Muslims “terrorists”. And the disbeliever is the one who has rights, in their view!

So it us upon the Muslims to traverse upon the manhaj of Islaam in the likes of these affairs and other than them. Islaam did not come with demonstrations and clangor, and raising of the voices, or destruction of the state properties, or transgression. All of this is not from Islaam, it does not benefit, rather this harms the Muslims and does not harm the enemy. This harms the Muslims and does not harm their enemies. Rather their enemies rejoice with this, and he says, “I have affected them, I have made them angry, and I have affected them.”

Published: 14 April 2002

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And from the SALAM Yahoo group.

An Incident during one of the QA sessions with Shaykh Saalim at-Taweel

During the QA session with Shaykh Saalim at-Taweel in Windsorlocks, Connecticut, a person asked a political question related to Iran and the relations with Israel to which Shaykh Saalim basically responded that we neither love Iran nor do we make dua’ for them and we don’t love Israel and we don’t make dua for them. Rather we just say ‘O Allah, save us from the transgressors and make them turn towards each other’

After this, a brother started talking about how the Sunni-shia conflict in Pakistan was not present some years back but then some Middle Eastern countries gave money to the Sunnis to fight against the Shias. After this, Shaykh Saalim at-Taweel clarified the difference between the Sunni (i.e. the one who follows Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah – those upon the path of Prophet Muhammad sallalahu ‘alayhe wasallam and the Companions) and the Shi’ee (i.e. the one who follows the way of the Shia – those who claimed that the khalifah belongs to ‘Ali radiyallahu anhu and later began to deviate in their ‘aqeedah and their way of understanding the religion).

Shaykh Saalim at-Taweel clarifies Sunni Shia difference

Some points of benefit from this short audio clip (And Allah Knows Best):

1) The manners of the scholars in dealing with people who are not upon the correct methodology

2) The patience of the scholars in answering the questions of those not upon the correct methodology

3) The methodology of the scholars in answering question such that the one who is asking the question receives the answer to his question as well as additional benefits which will aid him in understanding the answer and leaving the doubts that he is upon.

4) The bounty of Allah upon the people of the Sunnah such that their speech is little, yet has a lot of blessings; contrary to the speech of the people of innovation such that their speech is much and the blessings therein are very little.

I hope that this audio clip will be beneficial for the listener inshaAllah ta’ala.

Additional lectures of Shaykh Saalim at-Taweel from his recent visit to the US can be downloaded soon from

You can also find the lectures that Shaykh Saalim delivered during the last year’s visit to the US.

Barak Allahu feekum

wassalamu ‘alaykum

Disobeying the Rulers and Abandoning the Scholars

Read this beneficial article, may Allah bless all of you and save us from being from among those who incite rebellion and hatred in the hearts of the Muslims against our rulers. And know that this is not to say that we are happy with the mistakes of our rulers but rather we confirm to the Sunnah by making dua’ for them and we ask Allah to forgive them their mistakes and guide all of our Muslim rulers to the correct methodology of the pious predecessors. Ameen.

Disobeying the Rulers and Abandoning the Scholars

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