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Umar’s Instructions on the First Night of Ramadan

July 30, 2011 1 comment

Source: From Maktabah al Fawaid mailing list

Ikhwaani, lets a focus on the issue at hand.

Today is the 26th Shaban 1432. Ramadan starts either Sunday or Monday. Let us start planning how we intend to benefit in this month. Lets try to get a better understand of the importance of this month and rulings related to it so that we can take as much benefit from it as possible. Let us be Muslims who practice this deen based upon sound knowledge.

Let us identify this issues that we do not understand or are not sure about with regards to this blessed month and then aid each other in clarifying these issues with rulings given by the ulema of Sunnah from the Book of Allaah and the Sunnah of His Messenger with the understanding of the Pious-predecessors.

Let us bring our hearts closer together for the sake of Allaah we (including me) could all do with a little bit of softening up for the sake of Allaah.

With this thought in mind I would like to get the ball rolling. Here are some instructions delivered by Umar on the first night of Ramadan. Please take some time to read and contemplate over these very important words. May Allaah enable us all and our families to fully benefit from the coming blessed month, ameen!

Umars Instructions on the First Night of Ramadan

It is reported that on the first night of Ramadn, Umar Allh be pleased with him would pray Maghrib, then say (to the people):

Sit down. Then he would give a small address: Verily the fasting of this month has been made a duty upon you, and standing in night prayer has not been made a duty upon you, but those amongst you who can stand in prayer should do so, for it is from the extra good deeds about which Allh told us: so whoever cannot stand in prayer, let him sleep on his bed.

And beware of saying: I will fast if so and so fasts and I will stand in night prayer if so and so stands in prayer. Whoever fasts or stands in night prayer, he must make this for Allh. And you should know that you are in prayer as long as you are waiting for a prayer.

Minimize any vain or false speech in the houses of Allh (mosques; he said this two or three times). Let none of

you fast a few days before the month (in order to avoid missing the beginning of the month; he said this three times). And do not fast until you see [the crescent of the new month] unless it is overcast. If it is overcast, count [the previous month] as 30 days. Then do not break your fasts until you see the night upon the mountain (i.e. you are sure the sun has set). [Abd Al-Razzq Al-Sann, Al-Musannaf article 7748.]


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Made an Excellent Home Remedy

After reading the article over at on An Excellent Home Ready that every house should have, I decided to head over to my nearby Natural Food Store and make it at home to gain the many benefits from this home remedy.

Here are some pics of the finished product.

Honey-Garlic-Apple Cider Vinegar

Honey-Garlic-Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Some of the health benefits noted from the article at Health Muslim:
  • Immune Stimulant and enhancer
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Leads to fewer colds and infections
  • Helpful for those who have gout, arthritis and Joint aches.
  • Helpful for the digestive tract and benefits the skin


So go ahead and make it yourself at home also so you can get these benefits inshaAllah in your health and daily living.

BarakAllahu feekum. If there are any questions, I would suggest leaving a comment at the original article site.



Feeling the Heat? It’s a Reminder of the Hellfire

It’s summer time and it’s getting hot. Make sure to keep yourself well hydrated to reduce the risk of a heat stroke and avoid staying in the sun for long periods of time.

Another thing this heat should remind us of is the Hellfire and its blazing heat. So listen to this translated khutbah by Shaykh Abdul Razzaq al Badr hafidahullah.


Summer Heat Reminder of the Hellfire

Note: New window will open and the lecture will begin playing automatically inshaAllah

Islamic Audio Translated Lectures

Are you looking for an authentic site from where to download Islamic audio lectures which are translated into English?

Then visit:

Currently the following are all downloadable series of lectures (translated) avaliable @ in their translated section:

An Explanation on Hajj – Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabiree

Book of Fasting – Lulu wal Marjan – Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabiree

Characteristics of the Prophet (2008) ­ صلى اللهُ عليه وسَلَّم – Shaykh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab al-Aqeel

Characteristics of the Prophet (2009) ­ صلى اللهُ عليه وسَلَّم – Shaykh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab al-Aqeel

Characteristics of Wudu (ablutions) – Shaykh Arafat bin Hasan al-Muhammadi

Cleanliness and Purification – Shaykh Abdullaah bin Mar?aee

Learning ‘Aqeedah – Through Hajj – Shaykh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab al-Aqeel

Learning Aqeedah from Hajj – Shaykh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab al-Aqeel

Lessons from the Biography of the Prophet – (صلى اللهُ عليه وسَلَّم) – Shaykh Hani bin Baraik

Mannerisms of companionship, brotherhood and living amongst people – Shaykh Abdullaah Mar’ai bin Barayk.mp3

Manhaj as-Salikeen (Path of the Wayfarer) – Shaykh Ahmad Baazmool

Merits of the Quran and Tafsir of Surah al-Qadr – Shaykh Adil Mansoor

Sahih Bukhari – Book of Faith – Shaykh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab al-Aqeel

Tafsir of Quran – Shaykh Hani bin Baraik

Tafsir of Quran Part 30 – Introduction – Shaykh Hani bin Baraik

The Authentic Aqeedah (Belief) – Muhammad bin Ghalib al-Amri

Umdat al-Fiqh – Chapter on Breaking the Fast in Ramadan – Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabiree

Umdat al-Fiqh – Chapter on Fasting – Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabiree

Ramadhaan is coming up. InshaAllah, my plan is to download their Ramadhaan lessons and listen to it while I do other activities like exercise, driving, etc to get the most benefit from this upcoming blessing month.

For the Ramadhaan lectures, visit the lectures given by Shaykh Ubyad al Jabiree hafidahullah: