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Knowledge Seminar in Philly – Learn from 7 books in 3 days – Starting tomorrow!

As salaamu ‘alaykum

Inshaa’Allaah Br. Hasan As-Somalee will be conducting a class on the book “Manhaj us-Salafi” (by Shaykh Muhammad bin Umar Baazmool).

For updated schedule and details for the Philly Knowledgebase Seminar at Masjid Ahlul Hadeeth wal Athar please click here.


Schedule of Shaykh Saalim Taweel Visit to NYC 2010

As many people have asked about Shaykh Saalim’s visit to the NYC/NJ area, here is the information so you can plan ahead inshaAllah.

Any changes to this schedule will be posted as we get them.

Shaykh Saalim At-Taweel (Student of Shaykh Uthaymeen

Shaykh Saalim At-Taweel Visit to NYC

  • Shaykh will arrive on July 20th insha Allaah
  • Masjid Ahlul-Quraan wa As-Sunnah, Queens, NY – Sat-Sun, July 24-25 from 5:30 pm till Esha (first flyer below)

Explanation of verse 107 of Surah Al-Anbiyah “21:107”

Prophet Muhammed sent as a Mercy to all

  • Masjid Ikhwa- Brooklyn, NY- Friday July 23rd from 5:30 pm
  • Masjid Rahmah – NJ- Thursday, July 22nd at 5:30 pm –
  • Masjid Darul Islah – Teaneck NJ – July 22nd after Maghrib prayer (second flyer below)
  • Masjid Nur-Ullaah, Queens, NY – Wednesday, July 21st from 5:30 pm