Income Opportunity

Making Side Income with Real Estate Investing

For the last almost 2 years now, I have been working in Real Estate. Picking up properties in my local area in New Jersey for bargain prices and then either wholesaling them to cash buyers or holding on to them to do a renovation project.

Now, I am ready to take this to a whole new level by bringing in people interested across the nation. You may be thinking “How can I do this?”

Well, I belong to a network of Real Estate Investors who are always looking for great bargain deals. So here is Your Opportunity.

Nothing comes easy as they say. I’ve spent a lot of time training myself and spending money on Sales and Real Estate courses. I want to work with interested individuals who can take the knowledge that I have acquired over the past almost a year from the time that I am writing this (Jan. 5 2013) and help them make side income as well.

You will be required to put up an an initial investment for marketing material if you want to start generating leads quickly. It can be as little as $500 or could be more than that based on your financial and physical commitment to this. If you want to spend nothing financially, I will show you marketing techniques for that as well. I will be giving you all the details once you join the program.

Pre-requisites for joining the Program:

1) Full commitment to making this work

2) Making istikhara

3) Making dua and then follow that with Hard Work

Some Beneficial Skills to have:

1) Sales Experience

Contact us for more info

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