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Introducing the Nationwide Real Estate Teamwork Program

As salaamu ‘alaykum

We have started the new Gregorian year of 2014. We ask Allah to bring all of us goodness in this new Islamic year and the Gregorian year. Ameen

With this post, I want to reach out to the readers of this blog who are in the United States and are looking for a halal way to earn some extra rizq. It is only Allah who provides for us, but we have to make the effort. And for that reason, I’ve spent a lot of time and effort making this program available to anyone interested.

The way it works is pretty simple:

Alhamdulillah, I belong to a networking group of nationwide investors and buyers. Using that power of networking, I want to give the opportunity to anyone interested in becoming partners way to make some side income.

Most of these investors are real estate wholesalers, where they find a property that someone is really motivated to sell. They put it under contract and wholesale it to an end cash buyer for a wholesale fee.

I am looking for partners who can utilize marketing techniques that I will show them, to get properties under contract. We will then partner up with one of my investors in my networking group since they already have a list of cash buyers that they are dealing with. If we are able to wholesale the deal, we will split the profits. 50% goes to the investor in my networking group since they connected us to the cash buyer, and the remaining 50% will be split between myself and yourself.

In one to two months, you could be looking at an extra $2500 or even more in sha Allah in your pockets.

If you’re interested or want to find out more, fill out this form and let’s make this happen! in sha Allah

You can always contact me at the contact info provided if you would like to discuss it in more detail.

Jazakum Allahu khayran

Talha ibn Shahid


Best New Business To Start In 2011!!

December 27, 2010 11 comments

(Note: As of Jan. 4th, 2011, the course was re-opened for one more day… take action now before it closes inshaAllah)

As salaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullah

As you probably know, this blog is about the religion of Islaam in its entirety. There is no doubt that earning rizq from halaal sources is from the religion as well.

I try to keep up with the latest technologies as best as I can, keeping in mind that some of our scholars even like Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen rahimahullah also loved the latest technological gadgets and the likes.

So I recently came across this business opportunity and it really blew me away. There is not a big issue of other competition because of the huge potential but also the fact that you’re immediately recognized as an expert because this is cutting edge technology.

So check this out….

The best new business to start in 2011!!! The Google Guys, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates etc… all say this is it… I 1,000,000,000% agree!

(If there any questions or comments, feel free to ask by sending a private email or leave a comment below)