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Ahhhh… The Day of Christmas

Today is 25th December when each year most Christians around the world celebrate Christmas. The unfortunate thing is that the reality of the affair is different than what many Christians understand Christmas to be…

So for our dear readers, whether they are Muslim or non-Muslim, we would like to share with them the following audios that they can benefit from.


Should Muslims Celebrate Christmas?

Should Muslims Celebrate Christmas?

Abdul-Waahid, Abu Khadeejah

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Language: English
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This is a Friday sermon delivered on 18th December 2009. It discusses the reality of Christmas and the Islamic view concerning it and other non-Islamic festivals.

The speaker finishes by mentioning the responsibility of Muslim parents towards their children when these non-Islamic festivals come about.



The Realities of Christmas

“The Realities of Christmas”

Bilaal Davis, Abu Hakeem

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Language: English
Sound Quality: Poor

This lecture was delivered via tele-link, hence, the sound quality reflects the circumstances. The speaker, haafidhahullaah, explains, in great detail, the origin of many acts that are falsely practised during this period.

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For more on this topic, listen or download: Muslims Participating in Christmas by Shaikh Ibn Baz (FREE MP3!)


  1. December 25, 2010 at 11:07 am

    According to Christian records, Eesaa alayhis salaam was born in Spring in Palestine. Then why do the Christians celebrate his birthday on 25th dec? Some christian sects infact celebrate his birthday in Jan! Obviously Eesaa alayhis salaam never celebrated his own birthday then why should we celebrate his birthday when it’s a bid’ah!

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