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“I am from amongst those few.”

The Prophet (‘aleyhi salat wa salam) said:

“The life spans of my Ummah are between sixty and seventy years, few amongst them surpass this.”

Ibn Urfah said: “I am from amongst those few.”

Shaykh Al-Albaani (rahimahullaah) comments:

“I say; I am also amongst those few, for I have surpassed the age of 84, I ask Allaah the Glorified, that I am amongst those who lived long with good deeds. But I also almost wish that I pass away, due to what the Muslims have been afflicted with concerning deviation from the religion, and what is happening to them, even from the lowly. But how can I wish so, while the Hadeeth of Anas has been before my eyes since my youth, I cannot say except what my Prophet ordered me to say: “O Allaah, keep me alive as long as living is better for me, and take my soul if death is better for me.”

Sahih Mawarid Ad-Dhaman”, 2087


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