Almuflihoon.com Presents to You This Ramadhan:

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The Creed of Ahlus-Sunnah on The Mahdi

By : Sheikh Abdulmuhsin Al-‘Abbaad

128 Pages , Perfect Bound

Inside: Nice, Attractive, Yellow Paper

Price: 10 $

An Amazing Knowledge-Based Suprise for your Ramadhan

Alhamdulillaah it is a pleasure to publish this very important book. For the first time in the English language we have a reliable book discussing this topic. Authored by a mountain of knowledge.

About the Author:

Sheikh Abdulmuhsin al-`Abbaad is one of those few scholars who many scholars refer to him as their teacher. He is the former president of the Islamic University Madeenah, and was the first person who held the first class when the University was opened! and has since been teaching there for the past 50 years.!!

He also still has regular lectures at the Prophetic Masjid -where he recently finished his explanation on the 6 major books of hadeeth-. May Allaah bless the sheikh and elongate his life [he is almost 80 years]!

About the Book:

The topic of the book is critical.

So many have expressed their beliefs and opinions on this topic: those who say it is an innovation in Islam, those who say it is `symbolism’, the conspiracy theorists and their theories, those who have out-rightly rejected it!

And as such, do not be shaken by the whims and doubts.

This book expounds –with some detail- the correct belief [with proofs], and also refutes & responds to the common allegations of those who have wrong belief in this issue.

Enlighten yourself with authentic knowledge.

The book is available, to order send your request to bookrdrs


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