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The Youngster who puts himself forward

I’m the Man [the youngster who puts himself forward]

Posted: 06 Sep 2009 01:22 AM PDT

It is reported that there was a young man who was from the people of knowledge who used to put himself forward, speak and behave haughtily with his knowledge in front of those older than him. This angered Sufyân [Al-Thawrî] and he said, “The Salaf were never like this; they never used to claim leadership, or sit at the head of the gathering until they had sought this knowledge for thirty years, and you act haughty in front of those who are older than you. Get up, I never want to see you even come close to my circ le.”

Al-Bayhaqî, Al-Madkhal ilâ Al-Sunan Al-Kubrâ 2:74.

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