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Very Special Telelink today, Sunday September 6th 2009

Message from Mohamed Shaban, Imaam of Masjid as-Sahaabah Columbus Ohio

Dear brothers and sisters;

Today Sunday the 15th of Ramadan 1430 H, September 06 2009, insha’a Allah masjid as-Sahaaba will have a very special Telelink with a special guest for the first time. Today’s phone conference will be insha’a Allah with Shaikh Majdi Sultan of Egypt. The shaikh studied with shaikh bin Baz rahimahu Allah and shaikh bin Uthaimeen Rahimahu Allah. He also studied with shaikh Mohamed Adam al-ethiopi, one of the scholars of Hadeeth in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Shaikh Mohamed Adam al-Ethiopi gave shaikh Majdi Sultan an Ijaazaah, license to teach, in the six books of Hadeeth. Shaikh Majdi Sultan is currently residing in Egypt and is a professor of Hadeeth at the University of Azhar at the Faculty of the Fundamentals of Religion. The title of today’s lecture is al-istaqamah fil Deen/ Steadfastness on the Religion.
Just a reminder, masjid as-Sahaaba of Columbus, OH is conduction telelinks every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 4.00 PM through the whole month of Ramadhan.
Please make use of such a great opportunity and forward it to as many people as you can. Whoever tells of the good is like the one doing it.

Telelink Number: 712-432-3100

Pin: 191220

Barak Allah Feekum

Mohamed Shabana
(614) 622-5396
Excellent Websites;
http://www.miraath. net/
http://manhajonline .com/
http://islaam. ca/
http://www.islammexico. net/
http://www.madeenah -arabic-books. com/

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