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Telelink today March 1st with Shaykh Abdul Malik Ramadani

As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuh

Yaa ikhwaa wa akhwaat!  Masha Allaah, we have just received word that our noble brother Abu Abdul Waahid Nadir Ahmad will be translating for us again Insha Allaah.  He will be translating this Sunday’s tele link with Ash Shaykh Abdul Malik Ramadani (may Allaah preserve him).  The Shaykh will begin going over his book “Benefits from Every Surah”. Our noble brother is a graduate of the Islamic University of Madeenah (Graduate of the Institute of the Arabic Language; Graduate Faculty of Hadeeth), may Allaah bless him and give him good, aameen.

Insha Allaah we will call the Shaykh promptly at 12:30pm EST.  Here is the call in info for the tele link Insha Allaah.  Also, Masha Allaah, the issue with our Hot Conference Room has been resolved so feel free to listen via tele link or the DTSSBC Hot Conference Room.  Here is the access info for both Insha Allaah.

Dial in Info
Dial in #: 1-218-936-4700
Passcode: 963258

Hot Conference Room Info
Download Link:

Barakallaahu feekum and please feel free to email us with any questions/concerns Insha Allaah.
Umm Kutubah Samia (USA)
Umm Mu’aawiyah LaKeita (KSA)
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