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All praise is due to Allaah and may prayers and salutations be upon the Messenger. To proceed:

Following sound faith (eemaan) and pure monotheism (tawheed), the single greatest asset each Muslim has is good health since this enables the fulfilment of the religious and worldly obligations. It empowers a Muslim to do good deeds for his or her own benefit and for the benefit of the society at large. It makes a Muslim productive and optimistic and this only brings more and more blessing upon the society as a whole.

To this end, we are happy to announce that HealthyMuslim.Com is a growing online resource that aims to provide coverage on all aspects of health, nutrition and disease with a specific focus on natural health and sound principles of nutrition. As our bodies are a trust, then it is a religious obligation to maintain them to the best of our abilities.

Ibn al-Qayyim, the noted Muslim scholar stated that the principles of sound health are three:

  • preservation of good health
  • removal of harmful substances from the body and
  • keeping the body away from harm.

The content on HealthyMuslim.Com will be largely based around these three principles, and will include details of new research as well as established solid principles of nutrition.

It is our firm belief and conviction that modern (Western) medicine does little to actually treat or cure the true underlying causes of ailments and chronic illnesses. It is structured and maintained as corporate business the primary goal of which is to maximize profits above and beyond everything else.

Despite billions and billions being poured into what we are told is “objective scientific research” diseases and illnesses only increase in occurrence and major breakthroughs are never in the horizon. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease and myriads of other diseases and ailments increase day by day. The true and real reason for all of these failings of the body comes back down to the principles of nutrition.

The people behind HealthyMuslim.Com are qualified in the fields of Medicinal Biochemistry and Biochemistry at BSc and PhD level. We will be publishing what in our estimation is the most credible and sound advice for maintenance of good health in light of the principles of:

  • prevention before cure,
  • sound nutrition,
  • wholesome eating and
  • healthy living

We hope that by way of this resource you are able to better understand the principles of nutrition and are able to make good sound decisions that will impact positively on your own health and the health of your children. Please try to spread this site as far and wide as possible in order to maximize the benefit.

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