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Becoming A Walee of Allaah

“Faith goes hand in hand with action – It is a belief of the heart, action of the limbs, and statement of the tongue. The correct form of Faith (Eemaan) consists of these three things by which if you have all three of them you will be able to achieve the status of a walee in the sight of Allaah. If you wish to become a walee (ally) of Allaah, wilaayah (alliance) must be earned, contrary to prophets and messengers who are chosen by Allaah. Allaah is the One who chooses from amongst the angels and mankind whom He wills to be His messenger and prophet, whereas wilaayah (alliance) with Allaah is something earned and worked for. You can earn it, if Allaah should grant you it, through sincere Faith and righteous deeds to the point that you become a walee of Allaah.”

Quote taken from the book: An Explanation of “The Conditions, Pillars and Requirements of Prayer” – Pg. 102

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