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Two Part Event in Rochester, NY – Jan. 11 & 12

This is to inform the readers of this blog that the Muslim Students Association at Rochester Institute of Technology will be hosting an event titled “Islam – A Gift For The Intellects In The Modern Age” on Friday Jan. 11th at the Skalny Room. The event will begin at 6:00 pm and will go until 8:30 pm.The purpose of the event is to dispel the commonly held misconception amongst many people that Islam is a backwards religion. Some of the fundamentals of Islam will be discussed in this lecture event to make the audience more aware of the basic principles of Islam. It will also show that contrary to what many Muslims do, Islam does not permit actions which are harmful to ones own self, the family and the surrounding community.
There will be an open Q+A session at the end of the event for the audience to ask questions. The lectures can also be accessed through our teleconference line
Phone # 712 432 3000
Pin: 336294
Now, you can also listen to the lecture online.
 To listen in live over the internet:
http://radio.misgonline.com/listen.pls  – open using winamp
http://radio.misgonline.com/misg.asx – open using media player
http://radio.misgonline.com/embedded.htm – alternative way to the previous two links, open using IE of Firefox
wa salaamu ‘alaykum,
Ibn Shahid
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