Ibnul Qayyim on Music

Ibn Al Qayyim on music
“From among the artful machinations and entrapments of Allah’s enemy [Satan], with which he has snared those possessing little good sense, knowledge and deen [faith], and by which he has stalked the hearts of the false and ignorant people, there is the listening to whistling, wailing, handclapping and song to the accompaniment of forbidden [musical] instruments. Such things block the Quraan from people’s hearts and make them devoted to sin and disobedience. For song (to musical accompaniment) is the Quraan of Ash Shaytaan (Satan). It is a dense veil and barrier, preventing nearness to Ar-Rahmaan! (Allah) By way of such song, Satan deceives vain souls, making it appear pleasing to them through his cunning appeal to their vanities. He insidiously whispers false, specious arguments suggesting the’ goodness’ in song. These arguments are accepted, and as a result, the Quraan becomes an object of neglect and abandonment.”
Ibn Al Qayyim
Page 224, vol. 1 of Ighaathatul Lahfaan
quote from Mustafa Al-Kanadi’s (rahimuhullah) book “The Islamic Ruling on Music and Singing” under the fourth chapter titled “The Wisdom Behind Its Prohibition by The Divinely Revealed Shariah”.
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  1. Aboo Redundant
    April 29, 2008 at 2:36 pm

    How brilliant the statement of Ibnul Qayyim rahimahullaah. Ibn Rajab al-Hanbalee said in his book Nazhat al- asmaa’ fee mas’alah as-samaa’ that there is Ijmaa’ on the prohibition of Music. BarakAllaahu feek akhee for posting this.

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