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The First Creation

The First Creation

By Imaam al-muhaddith Muhammad Naasiruddeen al-Albanee(rahimahu llaah)

The Prophet (sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“ The first thing that Allaah (subhanahu wat’ala) created was the pen ; and He commanded it to write every single thing that is to happen.” 1

(Imaam Muhammad Naasiruddeen al-Albanee (rahimahullaah) said in his book : “ Silsilah as-Saheeha ” under this hadeeth) :

“In this hadeeth is a refutation of what the people convey , to the extent that it has become an established belief in the hearts of most of them, and that is : That the “light” of Muhammad was the first thing created by Allaah The Blessed and Exalted. And this is a false belief that has no base in its correctness.

And also in this hadeeth, is a refutation to those who say that the ‘Arsh (The Throne) is the first creation.

And there is no text from the prophet sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallam regarding that , rather it is only scholarly opinions (ijtihaad) from those who say this ; like Ibn Taymiyyah and others.

Thus taking this hadeeth is foremost , as it is a (proved) text in this issue.

And as we know ; there is no ijtihaad (scholarly opinion) when there is a (authentic) reported text.

And interpreting this (hadeeth text) and saying , that the Pen was created after the Throne ; is invalid.

This kind of interpretation would only be valid if there was an incisive narration , that says the ‘Arsh (Throne) was the first of all creation –inclusive of this is The Pen (al-Qalam) – But as there is no text similar to this (saying the Throne was first) , thus this interpretation is not permissible.

And also (the hadeeth) : in it a is the refutation of those who say the ‘happenings’ / ‘incidents’ have no beginning ; such that there is no creation except that it had a precedence , something created before it (and so on) ; like this (it continues) , until there is not an end ! Such that it is not possible to say : “this is the first creation”
Hence this hadeeth invalidates this saying , and points out that the Pen is the first creation. And there was’nt anything created before it .


1. The hadeeth is In “Silsilah as-saheeha” : no. 133

Source : Silsila as-Saheeha : with editing and adoption

Translation by : Abu Waheeda as-salafee

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