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Confusion about the Issue of Qadr (Divine Decree)




Source: Islaam’s Solution for the Problems Facing Today’s Youth

Pgs.51 – 53


Among the issues which frequent the adolescent and leave him confused is the Qadr. Belief in the predestination is a pillar of faith. A person’s faith is incomplete unless he believers in this pillar. Faith in the Qadr is to believer that Allah knows everything that is going to happen in the heavens and earth because He has ordained it.


Allah says:


Muhsin Khan: Know you not that Allah knows all that is in heaven and on earth? Verily, it is (all) in the Book (Al-Lauh Al-Mahfuz). Verily! That is easy for Allah. [Surah Hajj: 70]The Prophet sallalahu ‘alayhe wasallam has prohibited arguing and debating about the Qadr.

Abu Hurayrah narrated that the Prophet sallalahu ‘alayhe wasallam confronted us while we were arguing about the Qadr. He became so angry that his face turned red. He sallalahu ‘alayhe wasallam said “Is this what I ordered you to do? Is this the reason I was sent to you? Those before you were destroyed when they argued about the Qadr. Please! By Allah, Please! by Allah; do not argue concerning this affair. [Hadeeth Hasan: Collected by Tirmidhi in his Sunnan (#2133)

Being occupied and debating over the issue of the Qadr lands a person in a maze which he can not get out of. The path of salvation is to strive for good as Allah has commanded. Allah gave you an intellect, understanding and has sent messengers to you along with revelation.

Allah says:

Muhsin Khan: Messengers as bearers of good news as well as of warning in order that mankind should have no plea against Allah after the Messengers. And Allah is Ever All­Powerful, All­Wise. [Surah An-Nisaa: 165]When the Prophet sallalahu ‘alayhe wasallam informed his companions, May Allah be pleased with them, that there is not a single person except his place from either paradise or hell has already been written, the Companions said “Oh! Messenger of Allah, should we rely on our book and leave off performing good actions? He sallalahu ‘alayhe wasallam said “‘Strive! Everyone will have his actions made easy for him.’ As for the people of happiness, the deeds of the people of happiness will be made easy for him. As for the people of misery, the deeds of those people will be made easy for him. Then, he sallalahu ‘alayhe wasallam recited,

Muhsin Khan: As for him who gives (in charity) and keeps his duty to Allah and fears Him,

Muhsin Khan: And believes in Al-Husna.

Muhsin Khan: We will make smooth for him the path of ease (goodness).

Muhsin Khan: But he who is greedy miser and thinks himself self-sufficient.

Muhsin Khan: And gives the lie to Al-Husna (see Verse No: 6 footnote);

Muhsin Khan: We will make smooth for him the path for evil;    [Surah Al-Lail: 5-10]

The Prophet sallalahu ‘alayhe wasallam ordered the Companions, may Allah be pleased with them, to perform acts of worship. He didn’t approve of them relying on what was pre-ordained for them. This is because what was pre-ordained for a person in regards to being part of the people of Paradise will not happen except if that person does the deeds of those people. Also, what is written about a person being among the people of Hell will not happen unless he commits their actions. The person performs actions based on his ability because he knows that Allah has given him free will and the ability to perform deeds. Either he does the action if he wills or he abandons it. Let us say for example if a person intends to travel. If he intends to remain in his residence, the he will remain there. Also, if he sees a fire, he will flee from it and if he sees something that he loves, he will advance towards it. The same goes for obedience and disobedience. Either the person chooses to be obedient or he chooses to be disobedient.


InshaAllah ta’ala, more beneficial pages from the book will be posted in the near future. Barak Allahu feekum.

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