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Lecture topics for NJ seminar

Here are the lecture topics for the NJ “Islam’s War on Terror” Seminar this coming weekend inshaAllah ta’ala 



Abul Hassan Maalik Al Akhdar

[1]The Deviance of the Khawaarij; Past and Present
[2]Commonly Misunderstood Ahaadeeth and Ayaat

Abu Su’aad Musa Dorsey

[1]The Deviance of the Raafidhah
[2]Da’wah to Tawheed: the Solution to the Ummaah’s Problems

Abu Ri’aayah Abdur Razzaaq

[1]The Fitnah of Takfeer
[2]The Deviance of Syed Qutb and Ikhwaanul Muslimeen

Abu Hafsah Kashiff Khan

[1]Are Suicide Bombings and Murder a Legislated Path to Success?
[2]A Biography Shaykhul Islaam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhaab and a Clarification of his Da’wah.

Abu Muhammad Naadir Al Jamaiky

[1]To be announced
[2]To be announced

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