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Whoever abandons something for the sake of Allah…

“Whoever abandons something for the sake of Allaah, He will replace it
him with something better than it”

AUTHOR:  ‘Alee Hasan al-Halabee
SOURCE:  Al-Asaalah Magazine (Issue 31, pg. 60-61)
PRODUCED BY:  Al-Ibaanah.com

The teacher of our teachers,[1] the great scholar and historian, Shaikh
Muhammad Raaghib At-Tabbaakh, rahimahullaah, mentioned the following
in his book “I’laam an-Nubalaa bi-Taareekh Halab ash-Shuhabaa”

“Shaikh Ibraaheem Al-Hilaalee Al-Halabee – a pious and noble
scholar –
traveled to Al-Azhar University in search of knowledge. While seeking
knowledge, he became very poor and used to rely on charity. One time,
several days passed by and he did not find anything to eat, so he
extremely hungry.

So he came out of his room in Al-Azhar to ask for some scraps of food.
found an open door from which a pleasant smell of food was coming out
of. So
he entered the door and found himself in a kitchen with no one around.
he found some tempting food, so he grabbed a spoon and dipped it in,
when he lifted it to his mouth, he held himself back from eating it,
he realized that he had not been given permission to eat from it. So he
it and returned to his room in the dormitory of Al-Azhar, still hungry

But no less than an hour passed by, when one of his teachers,
accompanied by
another man, came into his room. And his teacher said to him: ‘This
man came to me seeking a righteous student of knowledge to choose for
marrying his daughter, and I have chosen you for him. So rise and come
us to his home where we can complete the marriage contract between you
his daughter and you can become part of his household.’ So Shaikh
struggled to get to his feet, obeying the command of his teacher and
with them. And behold they took him to the very same house he had been
and which he had entered and dipped the spoon into the food!

So when he sat down, the girl’s father married her to him and the
food was
brought out. It was the same food he had put the spoon into before and
he abandoned. But now he ate from it and said to himself: ‘I withheld
eating it when I had no permission, but now Allaah has given me this
with permission.’

Afterward, this righteous wife went back with him to Halab, after he
finished his studies. And she bore righteous children for him.”

So this is the fruit of patience and this is the result of having
taqwaa, as
Allaah says: “And whoever has Taqwaa of Allaah, He will make a way
out for
him (from hardship), and He will provide for Him from places He never
imagined.” [Surah At-Talaaq: 2-3]

But as for those who are hasty – those who do not distinguish between
truth and falsehood, seeking after the transitory vanities of this
life – they will never experience anything but grief and sorrow in
hearts, for they will never attain the worldly life nor will they ever
achieve Religion.

This is because they forget – or perhaps neglect – the saying of
Allaah: “Is
not Allaah sufficient for His servant?” [Surah Az-Zumar: 36]

As for those who are patient and firm and who have Taqwaa, they will
ascendancy in this life and glory and honor with their Lord on the Day
Judgement. And Allaah says: “So give the glad tidings to the patient
[Surah Al-Baqarah: 155] And He says: “Verily, the patient ones will
be given
their reward without any reckoning.” [Surah Az-Zumar: 10]



[1] Translator’s Note: He is referring to Imaam Al-Albaanee, who was
student of Shaikh Muhammad Raaghib At-Tabbaakh.

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