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My Husband Is Single! (Lecture Series)

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As requested by some dear members/visitors at albaseerah.org . They are pleased to announce a series of lectures focusing on issues related to “Family – Marital Relations – Evaluating Marriage – Marital Stress – Marital Intimacy” Etc..

 The First Lecture Of This Series Will be Insha-Allah

My Husband Is Single!

Al’Alaamah Saalih al-Luhaydaan

Date: April 28th 2007

Time: 2pm EST(7pm UK) (9pm Makkah time)

Paltalk Room: LIVE Senior Scholars of Ahli Sunnah English Arabic

During this lecture we will try to cover “importance of strongly bonded Family and a husband’s leading and active role in creating the nurturing environment for healthy family”
Please spread the word, E-MAIL E-mail your friends, family members and your HUSBAND/WifeYou, your entire family, your friends, your neighbours ALL INVITED.Please click here to see the weekly schedule, Remember we hold LIVE lectures every Saturday absolutely FREE


Have an Event you want to publicise please Email us .


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