From Extremism

From Extremism

by The Noble Shaikh, Saalih Al-Fawzaan

“…And indeed extremism could be in the matter of jurisprudence blind following (Taqleed Fiqhee) and blind following of sectarian parties (Taqleed Hizbee), and that is by bigotted adherence to the opinions of the Imaams, such that they (those opinions) are made as though they are revelation that was revealed (from Allaah). They (those opinions) are treated as though it is not permissible to abandon them for the correct and most probably right opinion according to the evidences. This is just as has occurred from the bigotted adherents to the Fiqh scholars, and also from the leaders of the sectarian groups today who riggedly adhere to their groups and their parties, and they warn against anyone else besides themselves, even if those besides them are upon the truth…”

By the Shaikh Saalih bin Fawzaan bin ‘Abdillaah Al-Fawzaan (may Allaah preserve him)

Source: Al-Bayaan li-Akhtaa’ ba’dh il-Kuttaab (The Clarification for the Mistakes of some of the Writers), pg. 2

Translated by Aqeel Walker


( …. وقد يكون الغلوّ في التقليد الفقهي و الحزبي ،وذلك بالتعصب لآراء الأئمة حتى تجعل كأنها وحي منزل لا يجوز العدول عنها إلى الرأي الصحيح الراجح بالدليل كما هو حاصل من متعصبة الفقهاء ، ومن قادة الحزبيين اليوم الذين يتعصبون لجماعاتهم و حزبياتهم و يحذرون ممن سواهم و أن كان من سواهم على الحق …… ) .

للشيخ /صالح بن فوزان بن عبد الله الفوزان (حفظه الله )( البيان لاخطاء بعض الكُتاب/2

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