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Advice of Ali bin Abi Talib (Part 2)

The Advice of ‘Alee bin Abee Taalib to Kumayl ibn Ziyaad

Taken from: Chapter One – Words of Advice from the Salaf by Shaykh Saleem al-Hilalee

Continued from Last Week…

….The people who hoard wealth are [in reality] dead while they live their lives. However the scholars remain as long as time remains – for their bodies may no longer be present, but their examples are found in the hearts.

Look! Indeed here – {and he pointed to his chest with his hand} – there is knowledge! If only I could find for it people who will carry it!

But indeed I have befalled upon those who comprehend quickly but are not trustworthy. They use the Deen as a tool for [obtaining] the Dunyaa, using the proofs of Allah against His Book and using His favors to overcome His servants. Or else I have befalled upon those who are docile in their obedience to the people of the Truth. They have no insight or understanding in their lives, with doubt piercing into their hearts with the first attack of uncertainty – they are neither this way nor that. [Do they not know where the Truth is? If someone said to one of them that he had made an error – when he had indeed made an error – then he would not realize, because such a person is infatuated by his own ignorance of the reality of the matter.

Hence such a person is a trial for the people. Indeed, the one who is better than all of these is the one to whom Allah has given knowledge of the Deen . And if a man does not know his religion, then this is enough of a proof that he is ignorant]. Or else such a person desires lusts and delights, being compliant to desires or tempted by collecting wealth and hoarding it. Those two [types of people] are not among those who call the people to the Deen, but they are more like the freely grazing livestock. Thus knowledge dies with the death of its carriers.

By Allah, indeed the earth will not be devoid of one who stands up for Allah with proof, in order that Allah’s proofs and clear arguments do not become obsolete. These people are few in number, but in Allah’s estimation, they are greater and more important. It is through them that Allah pushes His proofs, until they take these proofs to others who are like them, and then plant [these proofs] into the hearts of such people.

Knowledge has entered these great people upon its true reality. Hence they find soft what the ones who live in affluence would find rugged and difficult, and they are accustomed to that which the ignorant are adverse to, for they may physically be companions of this world, but their souls are attached to the higher objective. These are the Khulafaa appointed by Allah in His lands and they are the ones who call to His Deen.

There it is! How I long to catch sight of them!

And I ask Allah’s forgiveness for me and for you. Now you may get up if you wish.”

End of Advice.

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