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Questions to the Scholars for Jan, 2007

Questions to the Scholars Jan, 2007

Jan 21, 2007

1- Is it permissible for a Muslim to work in a financial company in America that deals with interest?

Answer: No, it is not permissible for a person to work in a company that deals with interest related affairs.

(Sheikh Saleh al Fowzan)

2- During the performance of marriage, is it upon the witnesses to know the specifics of the marriage contract?

Answer: If they don’t know the specifics of the marriage contract, then how can they be a witness! It is upon them to know the specifics, they should know what they are witnessing to, they should know who is the wife and husband and the likes.

(Sheikh Saleh al Fowzan)

3- Is it permissible for a living person to slaughter on behalf of a dead person, and what can a living person do on behalf of the dead person?

Answer: They can give charity for them by giving out meat, food, clothing or money.

(Sheikh Saleh al Fowzan)

4. Is it permissible to name one’s children with the names of the Angels?

Answer: No, this is not permissible.

(Sheikh Saleh al Fowzan)

5- If a man has more than one wife, is it permissible for him to visit each of them daily after salat al magrib for a short period of time, then enter the house of the wife that he is supposed to sleep in?  The reason for the question is, the brother mentions that he reaches home late and finds it difficult to visit his wives before salat al magrib.


Answer: There is no problem in him doing so.  The Messenger (sallahu alahi wa salem) used to visit all of his wives in one day, and then stay at the house who that night belongs to.


Questioner: Even if this visit takes place after salat al magrib?


Sheikh: Yes, even if it takes place after salat al magrib.

(Sheikh Ahmed an Najmee)


6- What is the description of the form of sitting while sleeping that does not break one’s wudoo?


Answer: If the person sleeps while reclining on a chair, and does not lay down.  And this type of sitting only happens when one is in a light sleep, and does not take place while one is sleeping heavily.

(Sheikh Ahmed an Najmee)


7- Is it permissible to repeat the Friday prayer in a masjid, if some people are not able to arrive before the completion of the first Friday congregation?


Answer: No, two Friday prayers in one masjid is not permissible.

(Sheikh Ahmed an Najmee)


8- Is it permissible for the Muslims who reside in the lands of the disbelievers to eat cheese which is made of enzymes that may be made from any kind of animals?


Answer: That which they doubt, it is befitting that they abandon.


Questioner: So it is better for them to leave alone these cheeses?


Sheikh: It is obligatory for them to abandon it.

(Sheikh Ahmed an Najmee)

Jan 30, 2007

1- Is it permissible to say to the non-Muslims: How was your holiday, (or) what did you do for your holiday?

Answer: No, this is not permissible

(Sheikh Abdullah al Ghudayan)

2- A sister asks: When I read the Quran, I see that Allah refers to Himself in the plural, how do I understand this?

Answer: This plural is mentioned due to greatness and reverence.

(Sheikh Abdullah al Ghudayan)

3- A sister asks: I am a divorced mother with 3 girls, and I must work to support the family.  Am I held accountable (sin), if I place my daughters in a non-Muslim school?

Answer: It is permissible to place children in a non-Muslim school as long as they are not being taught what is in opposition to Islam.  If they are taught what goes against Islam, then it is not permissible.

Questioner: What about the affair of mixing (co-education)?

Sheikh: It is also not allowed for them to attend mixed schools.

(Sheikh Abdullah al Ghudayan)

Note: More questions & answers will be posted shortly insha Allah.

Mustafa George

Ruwais, United Arab Emirates 

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